Business Software - Legacy Programs

Having been a software developer for over 30 years, Tomorrows Office has extensive experience and knowledge of older operating systems, programming languages, development tools and database programs.

Even now, we are fixing CNC machines where the software will only work under DOS or Windows 95!

Success Stories


  Old Sage
  • Repair and upgrade data from versions that are no longer supported by Sage themselves


Old Programs

  • Create a virtual environment on a Windows 10 PC to run an MS-DOS program

Old Data

  • Extract information from an obsolete data set, clean, convert and import it into a modern database.
  Old Windows
  • Migrate business-critical software on Windows XP and older to new PC’s running Windows 10
  Old Support
  • Keep legacy systems operational when the original developer is no longer contactable

If you have older systems and are concerned about upgrading, please contact Tomorrows Office for advice.


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