Business Software - Server Applications

Veeam Silver Partner

Tomorrows Office are specialists in making servers more productive, accessible and secure.

 Apart from developing our own, server based applications, Tomorrows Office works closely with other 3rd party software vendors to provide a stable, optimized platform for their software and databases.

  • Documents, preferences and other settings follow you on PC, tablet, phone or the web - just pick up from where you left off.

Anti Virus & AntiSpam

  • flexible Accounts, Payroll and CRM software for startup and small businesses

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Automated offsite and online backups.  “Bare metal” server restore within minutes.

  • Where industry regulators specify that a company must be operational within 24 hours of a disaster - even if their office has burned down, Tomorrows Office has the solution


Vertical market SQL and server-based Apps.


Examples include:

  • Accounts Production
  • Booking Systems
  • Care Home Management
  • CRM
  • Insurance and Claims Management
  • Practice Management

For businesses requiring total control, Tomorrows Office can help setup your own Cloud where local users connect to the Local Area Network but remote users have full access to files, email and programs whenever and wherever they have an Internet connection.

Tomorrows Office are adept at troubleshooting problems with Microsoft operating systems, Microsoft applications and other, 3rd party applications.  Please contact Tomorrows Office with your questions on how to improve, enhance or fix your systems


If you require further information about any of the services provided by Tomorrow's Office or would like to make an enquiry please click here to contact us.