GDPR & Security

 GDPR security and compliance

Secure your data, comply with regulations and protect your business

  • General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect in 2018. From now on, you need to be in control of the data you keep, where it’s  stored, how it’s managed and how to comply with requests for  removal.
  Cyber Essentials
  • Government endorsed scheme to help businesses be more security
    conscious, demonstrate awareness and implement critical security measures
  • The standards for data collection, storage, back-up and security may be set by a regulatory body - non-compliance may result in heavy fines (eg. PCI - Payment Card Industry compliance)
  Risk & Disaster Planning

  • How would your business survive a virus attack, a power outage or a major fire?
  Software License Management

  • Stay legal by having the correct licenses for the software you use. We can help with your software audit (eg. for Microsoft) and find the cheapest way for you to remain compliant
  Security & Protection
  • Stop unauthorised access and restrict user permissions. Prevent data infection.Recover files quickly and easily.

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