PC Networks - Simple Networks for Small Business

For organisations with fewer users (2 to 10), a “simple”, less expensive network is usually all that is needed. 

As these systems are easier to use and require little specialist knowledge, only minimal on-going support is required. 

Typically, information is shared on a peer to peer network, on a NAS box (Network Attached Storage) or via the Cloud.

  File Sharing
  • Share documents with other, permitted users – on the local network and via the cloud.
  • Organize your files and avoid duplication by storing files at one, central location.
  Device Sharing
  • Share printers & scanners with PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Access personal and group email.  Shared contacts, calendars and tasks via Office 365
  • As data is stored centrally, it can be backed up centrally Onsite, Offsite or via the Cloud.
  • Protection agains Ransomware via offisite backups.
  • Share your internet connection with wired and Wifi devices.
  • Block access to unwanted web sites and control guest access.
  • Improve your productivity by enabling 2 or more users to access Sage Accounts at the same time
  Remote working
  • Run your applications and access your files from anywhere - at home, abroad, at a clients site.

If you would like a simple explanation of how to share your files and resources, Please contact Tomorrows Office – well be happy to provide references from satisfied customers.


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