Technical Services - Managed Services

Tomorrows Office offers a range of flexible support plans – we can do as much or as little as you require. Our “Managed Services” plan provides comprehensive cover – effectively we become your IT department for both advice and support.

  • How to achieve maximum productivity from the current systems. Assistance with contingency & disaster planning.
  • Identify improvements (hardware, software and procedural) and the associated costs/benefits
  • Setup users, access rights and permissions, group policies, login scripts, email accounts, mailbox rights and delivery options.
Repairs and upgrades
  • Fix problems with PC’s, printers, routers, switches, servers. Install upgrades and new equipment. Transfer data & settings
User support    
  • Take remote control of a PC to diagnose and fix Windows, internet email and application software problems for the user.
  • Assist 3rd party software providers with installation, update and support of their programs.
  • Systems and event logs are checked regularly: eg. for performance issues, low disc space, backup success, broadband problems.
Asset register
  • We are able to advise when warranties and domain names will expire and when software licenses are due for renewal.
  • Diagnose and remedy issues with network speed, problems accessing data, Microsoft Exchange, virus infection and connectivity.
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